Student Testimonials
The support that LATP makes a difference in their lives and we are featuring some of the thank you messages they have sent us.
Cree Penashue
Cree participated in the Powerline Technician program sponsored by the LATP in 2015-16. He was hired by Nalcor shortly after graduation and is the first Innu Linesman in Labrador.

We heartily congratulate Cree!
Stephen Williams
I completed Mobile Crane Operator training in 2010, continued with an LATP wage subsidy program placed with a company in St John's, NL, where I still work today. I am pleased to say I was recently awarded journeyperson status. I owe this life-changing achievement to the support of the LATP, not only for the training but also for the important extra supports provided by LATP. If it weren't for these extra supports, I would not have been able to afford to go back to school. If it weren't for the wage subsidy program I probably would not have been able to get a chance to receive the work experience and apprentice hours that are critical to achieve journeyperson status. If it weren't for the LATP, I would not be where I am today. I am so grateful for this as now I am financially independent and able to make a great life for myself.
Amy Bishop
I was very pleased and surprised to have won honours. I had some great support over my school year, and LATP funding had a huge hand in helping me succeed. Thank you for all your support!
Andrew Mugford
Finding funds for education was hard for me, but The Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership had given me the opportunity to go to school, without the stress of financial issues or working a lot of hours. I am now almost finished the cook program at CNA and hopefully will go onto working in my field of study after I graduate. The funding I received at LATP took the stress away about owing money from a loan. For that, I have LATP to thank.
Lorne Blake
Just messaging you to once again say thanks for the opportunity that was given to my husband, Lorne Blake. He completed the Commercial Truck Driver course in Badger in July 2014. He is now employed full time (permanent) with VALE at the Voisey's Bay Mine Site as Mine Maintenance 1; he is responsible for driving the fuel truck and maintenance as needed. Without this course, this job would not have been possible!!

Thank you again,
Sonya Blake (and the rest of the Blake Family)
Mary Charlotte Michel
Mary Charlotte Michel was the only female trainee in the Firefighting Training Course, that was provided by the Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership through the Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre, Fisheries and Marine Institute. Mary Charlotte is very excited about being able to serve her home community of Sheshatshiu, and is all too aware of the devastating effects of fire to the people of her community. Mary Charlotte said that while it was tough, she got through it a little better than some of her male counterparts. For her, the hardest part was leaving her kids to go to training but she is proud to be part of the new fire department. "We've had some great instructors here" she said. "I will miss them all and I love them all." Mary Charlotte is presently working at the Sheshatshiu Fire Department.
Mary Adele Andrew
Mary Adele Andrew - a 23 year old carpentry student. This project has given Mary a chance to develop skills that allow her to be creative. Mary is a regular member of the crew. Mary, who was pregnant during a portion of the training, was not prohibited from finishing the program and her ambition has proven beneficial. "Two weeks and I was back to work. I had alot of help from my Mom" Mary says she had done some work like this before, enough to know she was interested in learning more. And throughout the course she discovered that framing is her favourite part of the building process. Mary is presently working under a LATP Wage Subsidy Program with the Innu Development Limited Partnership.