Wage Subsidies Employer Page
The GOAL of the LATP Wage Subsidy Program is to provide funding to businesses to enable Labrador Aboriginal people to gain meaningful employment, including hours in the apprentice program towards a Journeyperson Classification.

8 week Wage Subsidies are now available to businesses working directly on the Lower Churchill Project, and other private, public or not-for-profit sector enterprises working in related fields in Labrador and Newfoundland.

A wage subsidy of up to certain % of actual wage payments, and can be used for:
- Wages for a newly hired LATP client
- Associated MERC (mandatory employment related costs)

In the case of not-for-profit enterprises, a 100% wage subsidy may be negotiated, if there is verification of permanent employment opportunities after the subsidy period is finished. Municipalities, Band Councils and other levels of government may be considered.

Employers must:
• Complete the LATP Wage Subsidy Application for Businesses
• Confirm that LATP participants are not replacing laid-off employees
• Have a Journeyperson Supervisor on staff to supervise the apprentice and show proof of the Journeyperson's credentials
• Journeypersons must sign a Consent to Disclosure to enable the Department of Education Institutional and Industrial Education Division to release the information on the Journeyperson's status
• Journeyperson Supervisor must sign off on hours in the apprentice's log book
• Submit a training plan that details competency based learning that will be delivered for LATP participants.
• Sign a contractual agreement with LATP and the participant outlining the terms of the wage subsidy
• Pay the participant directly as per the contractual agreement
• Provide updates on the progress of the participant in the training plan by completing the Wage Subsidy Bi-Weekly Record regularly
• Submit invoices to LATP with the bi-weekly cheque stub of the employee attached. The invoices should also detail MERC
Agree to continue employment for an agreed upon period of time after the Wage Subsidy period ends