Sheshatshiu Carpentry Training
In June 2010, the Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership (LATP) sponsored a 9 month carpentry training program in the community of Sheshatshiu. This was the second of two community based training projects funded through LATP. This high quality training, carried out by Academy Canada, completed in February 2011. A graduation ceremony was held on the 18th May at the Sheshatshiu Innu School. 17 individuals completed the training, and through the successful completion of this course, provides the graduates with accredited qualifications and a wide variety of employment opportunities in the carpentry field. Currently, 8 of the graduates are sponsored by LATP under the Apprentice/On-The-Job Training Wage Subsidy Program. These individuals are employed by a local company to renovate the former school in the community of Sheshatshiu, and are registered with the province of Newfoundland and Labrador under the Apprenticeship Certification Program. A further 5 individuals have applications pending for a similar project. Thanks to these types of programs and employers who are able to utilize them, these apprentices have the opportunity to reach those critical first steps towards journeyperson status.
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